Technical delegation is social and political delegation


Technical delegation is social and political delegation

by Ippolita

The following text is an excerpt from the artist’s book composed for the work Hic sunt dracones by Francesco Bertelé, curated by Chiara Pirozzi.


Disorientation: we advance without any point of reference. And yet everything seems perfectly clear. So clear that it blinds us. The flux of information is constant, impressive, massive. Our certainties are added to by other certainties. Every prejudice, every opinion can be reaffirmed over and over. Then, suddenly, we come across one or several hostile opinions, and our wall of certainties collapses. There is no debate—which would imply our knowing how to dialogue and disagree—but blind opposition, vulgar reaction, resentment. Bitterness and disorientation.


A discovery is an encounter and every encounter is a discovery. Relationship, connection. We have learned to communicate at a distance. Our bodies can touch, or not. I just need to be here with you, sometimes, to know what you think, what you mean. We talk, we fill the space between us with words, and there we come together. If we kiss, there is no room for anything else.


We communicate at a distance. The more sophisticated the language becomes, the more information we can exchange; we work on a synthesis. It’s no longer necessary to be present, if you pay attention to the message. But our attention is inevitably limited when that flow becomes instantaneous. A great communication speed, but without feeling the warmth of your body, the softness of your skin.


One moment our eyes fall on one thing, then another. Then another and another, then the original thing returns to mind and after a bit we are onto something else. The spirit gets tired. Rarely, however, we do look around or turn our gaze towards ourselves. We use our mirrors, be them clear or obscure, to convey our image to others rather than to observe ourselves.

It is told that the Titans gave a mirror and other games to the young Dionysus. He looked into the mirror and was enchanted because he could see the world. At that very moment, the Titans assailed, tore apart and devoured him. Once this came to light, Zeus struck them with lightning and human beings were born from the ashes.

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Technical delegation is social and political delegation by Ippolita