Ippolita is an indisciplinary research group active since 2005. They conduct wide-ranging research on technologies of domination and their social effects. Ippolita practice convivial writing in texts cross-circulating from the hacker communities underground to the university classrooms. Their essays include Tecnologie del dominio. Lessico minimo di autodifesa digitale. (Meltemi, 2017); Anime Elettriche (2016), La Rete è libera e democratica. FALSO! (2014), In the Facebook Aquarium (2012), The Dark Side of Google (2007), Open non è Free (2005).The collective also run workshops on digital self-defense, hacker pedagogy and convivial informatics for girls, children, academics, affinity groups, computer geeks and curious people. We are an independent group; we do independent research. Our books are free, like freedom. Free does not mean gratis: if you can make a donation, thank you. Culture is not about sell and buy: it is about support. Culture is a form of relationship. Spread and sustain, and if you want to help in some way the project, organize presentations, workshops, other, let us know.